gordon harrison offers a two-year calendar for 2021 and 2022 of his landscape paintings over the last few years. $25



The calendar features seasonal canadian landscape paintings from the most recent collections by award winning canadian landscape artist, gordon harrison.  size of calendar 23h 14w.


The calendar is available at the Gordon Harrison Canadian landscape gallery in ottawa as well as the artist studio and bed and breakfast in entrelacs in the laurentians.   The calendar can also be purchased by contacting the gallery by phone and email and can be sent to you by mail.  $25 plus shipping fee.


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The Gordon Harrison canadian landscape Gallery will be happy to prepare a card that includes a gift certificate for the purchase of art work at the gallery, commission work, coaching painting session or art retreat with Canadian landscape artist Gordon Harrison at his studio in Ottawa or in the laurentians; or a two-day stay at Pine Point lake House  – the artist’s bed and breakfast in the Laurentians.

5 blank artist cards with envelopes from the collection autumn expressions – parc national des grands jardins – charlevoix – québec – canada – by award winning canadian landscape artist gordon Harrison.  20 $


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From the snow-capped peaks of British Columbia’s mountains to the craggy shores of Newfoundland, Canada’s foremost landscape artist Gordon Harrison has painted his way across the land. This hardcover book features more than 300 paintings from private collectors of work by the artist from around the world.

Will be available at the Gordon Harrison Gallery, the National Gallery of Canada as well as galleries and other fine establishments representing Gordon Harrison.

Out of print

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This softcover book features the works of four master painters from Québec and their works of Charlevoix whic were part of the vernsisage at the gallery. Discover how each artist present you the landscapes of the cultural capital of Québec with their own style and inspiration.

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Discover the beauty and serenity of winter at Meech Lake, a frequent destination by Gordon Harrison. This softcover book features 23 winter scenes from Meech Lake in the Gatienau Park as well as Laurentian lakes surrounding the artist studio. Available at the Gordon Harrison Gallery.

out of print

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Gordon Harrison captures the magical colours of the mountians, trees and lakes of La rivière de la diable and La rivière du Nord in the Laurentians as well as hills of the Gatineau Park and Blueberry Island in Les collines de l’outaouais. This softcover book features 46 fall paintings. Available at the Gordon Harrison Gallery.

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This hardcover book features 92 paintings from Gordon Harrison’s travels across Canada. Out of print.

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This softcover book features 50 paintings of Charlevoix and neighbouring regions. Charlevoix Region, the capital of Quebec fine cheeses, Quebec colourful homes with its metal roofs, bed and breakfasts and cafes welcoming visitors from around the world, art galelries and studios from reknown Quebec artist particularly one artist who provide me with strong inspiration – René Richard. Whether painting plein-air or skiing Le Massif, the Charlevoix Region is a place I feel is “home”. I keep found memories of our dinners with Monique and Jacques at La Grande Auberge, my visit to the historical property of René Richard and seeing his work yet again and the incredible view of Le fleuve Saint-Laurent as Phil and I skied down Le Massif. Charlevoix is a place that no one should spare when visiting Quebec. Available at the Gordon Harrison Gallery.

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Photographer John McQuarrie captures the shimmering lakes and boathouses of Muskoka. This hardcover book includes paintings from Muskoka by Canadian landscape artist Gordon Harrison. Available at the Gordon Harrison Gallery, Indigo and bookstores across Canada.