artist gallery in ottawa and the laurentians

welcome to the gordon harrison canadian landscape art gallery in ottawa – a boutique gallery located on sussex drive in the byward market of ottawa owned by award winning Canadian landscape artist harrison and his partner, gallerist phil émond.

the gallery features exclusive collections of original landscape oil paintings by award winning canadian landscape artist gordon harrison.  the gallery also features other artists as guest artists.  private viewing on zoom and facetime. contact the gallery to schedule. designers program. we work with designers to integrate the paintings in the design of homes and businesses.



“gordon harrison is a man of many parts, all of which have combined to make him one of the most successful Canadian landscape painters working today.”  noel meyer, magazin’art




the gallery showcases the colours of canada through the eyes and inspiration of gordon harrison through his travels and vision of our canadian landscape.  the gallery also represents other established Canadian landscape artists and sculptors who produce original work only whom Gordon and I have personally met and feel inspired by their work.

“canadian landscapes inspire gordon harrison’s work and his life. gordon harrison is in a happy place following his heart, awakening his senses in a landscape playground. he has developed into one of canada’s foremost landscape painters. that ease of expression has been a long-time gift. lost in a world of colour and possibility where paint swirls in celebration of canadian landscape, that little boy who once was lost for words has much to express about the beautiful planet. painting has given him a voice and art lovers everywhere are listening.” —joel haslam, ctv

as you enter our gallery or studios, visit us online or in other fine art galleries across Canada or in people’s homes or offices, you will travel with our Canadian landscape artists and discover the beauty of their work, our country and our majestic Canadian landscapes.

gordon harrison is a member of the society of canadian artists and l’académie internationale des beaux-arts du québec and recipient of first prize of the national painting contest in baie-saint-paul, charlevoix, québec.

the artist paints in his studios in new edinburgh (ottawa) and in sainte-marguerite-du-lac-masson in the laurentians.  pine point lake house – the artist’s bed and breakfast in the laurentians – offers art collectors and admirers a unique experience to discover his latest collections of landscapes from the laurentians forests – a region that inspired gordon harrison as a young boy and continues to inspire him to this day – as well as the gatineau park and other travel destinations across canada.

Developing a strong relationship with our clients and a strong community focus is important to us.

Any artist leaves behind a legacy that goes beyond their brush strokes and artwork.  Aside from sharing the beauty of their work in people’s homes and offices across the world, leaving behind a strong inspiration to our young upcoming artists is key to Gordon Harrison.  Knowing that he influences our young ones to pursue their artistic talent and continue to showcase the beauty of his work, our country and majestic Canadian landscapes is very much part of Gordon Harrison’s legacy. Gordon enjoys coaching young people from our community.

The Gordon Harrison canadian landscape Gallery plays another important leadership role in the community and founded two initiatives to inspire children and adults by creating the art inspiration journey and the apprentices program.

In 2007, the Gordon Harrison Canadian Landscape Gallery was honoured and grateful to Dr. Bruce Firestone, Former Member of the Founding Board of Directors, Firestone Group of Seven Collection, for inaugurating our first gallery.  In 2010, this experience was repeated when the gallery expanded its mandate and relocated to its current location. Special thanks go to Julie Jacobson, wife of the former Ambassador of the United States of America and strong supporter of Canadian art as well as Brian Barrett, Chair, Arts, Heritage and Culture Advisory Committee to the City of Ottawa.

Art brings memories. Art is inspiring. If art brings you strong emotions — don’t let it go — add it to your collection.  A collection tells life.

Phil Emond, Gallerist