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award winning canadian landscape artist


“Canadian landscape inspires Gordon Harrison’s work and his life. Gordon Harrison is in a happy place following his heart, awakening his senses in a landscape playground. He has developed into one of Canada’s foremost landscape painters. That ease of expression has been a long-time gift. Lost in a world of colour and possibility where paint swirls in celebration of Canadian landscape, that little boy who once was lost for words has much to express about the beautiful planet. Painting has given him a voice and art lovers everywhere are listening.” —Joel Haslam, CTV News



Born in Montréal in 1953, Gordon Harrison showed an interest in art at an early age. Enthralled by the natural Laurentian landscapes surrounding him as a young boy, he followed his passion choosing to study Landscape Architecture at the University of Toronto. Gordon Harrison is a juried member of the Society of Canadian Artists and l’Académie Internationale des Beaux-Arts du Québec.

His partner and Gallerist, Phil Emond, operates the Gordon Harrison Canadian Landscape Gallery which showcases Gordon Harrison’s collection of Canadian Landscapes from his travels across Canada.

Although mainly self-taught, Gordon has taken courses at the Ottawa School of Art, and was highly influenced by one of Canada’s foremost artists, Québec’s Jean-René Richard (1895–1982).  His book The Colours of Canada gives our Canadian landscapes a strong voice – it tells the journey of an artist who everyday pursues his long-time passion for our Canadian landscapes with his paint brush on hand and a dream that over time came true.   He has gained an international reputation producing impressive collections of Canadian landscapes from his travels across Canada.  His work is a combination of great power and softness.  Often referred to as the Eighth member of The Group of Seven, his figurative landscapes on the edge of abstraction, are a contemporary vision of what would have become the Group of Seven paintings.


In 2018, he received first prize at Le Domaine Saint-Bernard symposium in Tremblant, Québec.  In 2016, Gordon Harrison received international recognition as best solo artist at New York International Art Expo among more than 400 international artists.  In 2014, he received national recognition with first prize at the National painting competition of Rêves d’automne in Baie-Saint-Paul, Charlevoix region, Québec, competing among 140 Canadian artist and 251 paintings from Canada and Europe.  In 2010, he was invited to share his journey as an artist at the National Gallery of Canada.



“Gordon Harrison is a man of many parts, all of which have combined
 to make him one of the most successful Canadian landscape painters working today. Harrison literally revels in colour and at times it is as if
 he has created his own vocabulary to describe the Canadian landscape. There are aspects of his work which do remind you of the Group of Seven but they are difficult to pin down. It could be the density of emotion hidden in his work or the complexity of the draftsmanship involved in creating his very unique works of art.” — Magazin’art 2015.



Today, he continues to coach artists and people of all ages across Canada out of his studios in the Laurentians and Ottawa.  In 2009, Gordon Harrison and Phil Emond created the Gordon Harrison Art Inspiration Project. Inspiring children to pursue their artistic talent and to discover the beauty of our Canadian landscapes is the artist’s focus. In 2012, a new community initiative founded – the gordon harrison apprentices program – showcasing the talent of people from our community coached by gordon harrison.

To celebrate Ottawa and Canada’s cultural heritage, the Executive Committee of Ottawa Art expo asked Gordon Harrison to be one of the three jurors to recognize the talent of artists in the Ottawa community.

He is often commissioned by clients to put their most memorable views on canvas. Gordon Harrison’s work is described as a “celebration of colour.” His bold use of colour, his unique skies and picturesque destinations evoke an emotional response from the viewer as he creates a mood in each painting.



“I refer to my art as “contemporary landscapes” : my brush strokes are broad, loose and intense, yet my subject matter remains clear.”



“Knowing that my work is part of our Canadian culture and heritage and viewed and collected worldwide; knowing that I inspire and coach so many people, artists and students; knowing that my work continues to surround me in my studios and very own gallery; knowing that my partner Phil is there to support me and my work, gives me a great feeling of accomplishment as a Canadian artist.

Thank you for being part of this dream – my journey.”


canadian landscape oil paintings available by award winning canadian landscape artist gordon harrison

if interested in one of the paintings from a collection below and the painting is not the size or format you need, gordon harrison will be happy to do a commission piece for you. it takes two weeks to have your painting painted and another 4 weeks to dry. commission work is priced the same.

commission work

Award winning Canadian Landscape Artist Gordon Harrison welcomes commission work.

Many clients commission the artist to paint their favourite landscape scenes.

The artist will put on canvas the special place you once visited, the old bridge in Wakefield your father was so fond of, the island across the family cottage, or the tree in Rockcliffe Park underneath and played as a child and capture those memories forever.

The sold paintings tab on the website depicts scenes from all regions of Canada painted by Gordon Harrison. The artist also has photos from his travels across Canada from which one can select to paint on canvas that special memory.

A 50% deposit is required on commission work. The artist will often paint two canvases of the same scene from a different perspective to allow the client to select the one they prefer. The second painting is offered for sale to our clients.

To arrange for a private consultation with the artist at this studio or gallery, please contact the Gordon Harrison Gallery.



Gordon Harrison’s paintings hang in private collections in the United States, Germany, Portugal, England, Scotland, the Netherlands, Kenya, Lebanon, Tanzania, the Caribbean, Singapore, Chile, Australia and across Canada.

His works have been purchased by the Canadian Government, embassies, art galleries, municipal governments, Scotia McLeod Inc., Gowlings, Domicile Developments Inc., Charlesfort Development, Sakto Corporation, East Lane Developments, Routeburn Group, Taylor and Craig Associates, London Club, National Capital Business Rideau Club, Memorial University, Sklar Wilton and Associates, Barry J. Hobin and Associates Architects, Fenêtres MQ, Nelligan, O’Brien and Payne, Donnelly Pontiac Buick, Candrive, 4té Interior Design, Kmob Martems, Hulse Playfair and McGarry, Stewart Associates, Basset Direct, ZW Group, BBB Architects, S2 Architecture, Coutu Champagne Avocats, Reynolds Consulting, Telesat, Export Development Canada and private collectors.



Gordon’s work has been exhibited in solo exhibitions in art galleries across Canada including the Michael Gibson Gallery, the Petroff Gallery, the National Capital Rideau Club, the Muskoka Heritage and Boat Centre, the Arcadia Gallery, IPO Gallery, the Lane Galleries, the Christin Galleries, the Jack Pine Gallery, the Koyman Galleries, the Marbo Gallery of Fine Arts, Gallery Perth, Art in the village, the Tangerine Gecko Gallery,  West End Gallery as well at his studios in New Edinburgh in Ottawa and the Laurentians and at the Gordon Harrison Gallery on Sussex Drive, in Ottawa and Saint-Sauveur in the Laurentians.

Gordon’s work has also been part of our Canadian culture, via venues such as the McMichael Canadian Art Gallery, the International Artexpo New York, the Toronto Art Expo, Festival International Expo Art, Vieux Port de Montréal, the National Capital Fine Arts Festival, Doors Open Ontario, the National Arts Centre, the City of Ottawa Mayor’s Art Festival, Merrickville Landscape and Wildlife Show, Ottawa Art Association Fall Show, Canadian Tulip Festival, Art on Ice, Winterlude, Colour the Canal Art Tour, Canadian House and Home Magazine, Elmwood Art and Home Fair.  His work has also been displayed in establishments such as Juniper’s, Le-Saint-Ô, La Chaumière du Village, Les Fougères and A L’Express Gourmand.

For current exhibits, please visit this page.


art inspiration journey

The Gordon Harrison Art Inspiration Project was created by Gordon Harrison and his partner, Gallerist Phil Emond, in 2009.

Inspiring young people to pursue their artistic talent and to discover the beauty of our Canadian landscapes is part of the artist’s legacy.

Through this inspirational journey, students from visual art programs experience “life as an artist” working with Gordon Harrison and create an exhibition of Canadian landscapes. In 2009-10, the gallery hosted an exhibition of “The Colours of Canada — Coast to Coast” that showcased Canadian landscapes painted by the 41 grade 8 students from Turnbull School who participated in this journey.   Inspiring Young Artists article

In 2010-11, the gallery is proud to have inspired 36 students from grade 3, 4 and 5 from Counterpoint Academy.   The students’ work was part of an art auction to raise funds for the Jump Rope for Heart and Stroke Foundation.  

In 2011-12, 20 grade 6 students from Ashbury College experienced life as an artist.  Funds were raised to contribute to the new Creative Learning Center.  View photo album from events photo gallery.

In 2012-13, grade 3 and 4 students from D Roy Kennedy Public School created “The Beauty of Canada”.  Proceeds were donated to Camp Maple Leaf.  Special thanks to Mary-Ann Quist, teacher.  

In 2014-15, 21 students ages 9 to 12 from OMS montessori created “the creative canadian souls”.   special thanks to beth mackay, teacher.

In 2016, 45 grade 5 students from St Mildred’s School in oakville will be part of  the journey.

and to all the students we continue to inspire – special thanks for being part of our journey.

Please contact the Gordon Harrison canadian landscape Gallery to add this program as part of your school art curriculum.


apprentices program

Over the years, Gordon has coached 100’s of young people, adults and artists in our community.

In 2012, Gordon Harrison and his partner Gallerist Phil Emond created an annual exhibit of Canadian landscapes by the Apprentices – people from their community who take coaching lessons from the artist at his studio in Ottawa or the Laurentians and for those who participated at the artist’s art retreat in the Laurentians.

In 2013, the experience was repeated – the exhibit, 26 brushes, 52 hands and 16 brushes, 32 hands and once voice … Gordon Harrison –  showcased the talent of the apprentices, allowing them to experience life as an artist and to exhibit and sell their Canadian landscapes in a gallery.

In 2015, the experience was repeated and a great success.

Gordon Harrison continues to inspire and support people in the community.

2015 apprentices

Barbara Soyka , Beth Prociw, Claire Paulin, Deborah Whamond, Irene Faiz, Jacqueline Gori, B, Jane Magee, Jenny Pearson-Millar, Joanne Brox Pfeifer, Jocelyn Van Wynsberghe, John Theoret, Josée Robillard, Judy Plomer, Kathryn Haydar, Linda Dabros, Lynda Shaw, Maria Cibschino, Marie-France L’Écuyer, Marleen Campbell, Marie-Lyne Bourassa, Nancy Yanaky, Sharon Holden, Sue Smith and Teresa McLean.

2013 apprentices

John Theoret, Joyce Clark, Julie Burke, Louise Moreau, Lynda Shaw, Maria Cibischino, Marie-France L’Ecuyer Nancy Yanaky, Sylvie Grenier, Catherine Zongora, Debra Corkery, Gilles Chiasson, Gisele Eady, Heidi Bish, Irene Faiz, Jarmila Kavena and Jocelyn van Wynsberghe.

2012 apprentices

Beth Mackay  Carole Pinard  Cheryl Casey  Cindy Babyn  Darlene Provost  David Casey  Denise Pregent  Denise Pelletier  Elisabeth Arbuckle  Glen McKenzie  Hélène Merritt  Ingrid McCarthy  Jenny Pearson-Millar  John Theoret  Kathryn Haydar  Linda Bergeron Baril  Louise Moreau  Lynda Shaw  Maria Cibischino  Marie-France Lécuyer  Mary-Ann Quist  Nancy Dagenais-Elliott  Patricia Kirby  Shelley Lacroix  Sylvie Grenier  Vera Maamari

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sold paintings by regions of Canada

Click here to see all the paintings sold by regions of Canada.



gordon harrison and 45 grade 5 students from st. mildred’s-lightbourn school – march 2016 



nouvelle galerie d’art gordon harrison à saint-sauveur – cogeco tv – octobre 2015



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ctv news with leanne cusack – the apprentices of gordon harrison- 2015



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