David Thai

canadian contemporary glass artist

David Thai came to Canada in 1985 to pursue his studies in glass and design in Toronto.  He soon ranked top and obtained a prestigious residency at Harbourfront Centre where he coached other artists on glassblowing artistry. He went on to found the Kingston Glass Studio that continues to welcome tourists from around the world.

Strongly influenced by reknowned Murano glass artist Lino Tagliapietra, design, shape and colour became part of David’s artistic journey adding one more signature design element to his work – Japanese silver leaf.

Today, David works out of his studio in Oakville.   His vessels and glass sculptures reasonate his unique signature style – colour, light and a timeless contemporary style.    His work is easily recognizable and exhibited in galleries across Canada and the United States.



Livio Seguso said: “glass is a material that seems to be born out of the sea to live in the air shaped by fire; it fascinates and ignites the imagination.”



There are many glass artists but few connect as strongly my soul and ignite my imagination like Seguso, David is one of them and I am so proud to have him in our gallery. Not surprising as he studied with Catherine Vamvakas Lay.

Phil Emond, Gallerist

signature glass sculptures available