peter barelkowski

contemporary artist inspired by human conditions and experiences

Peter established his own recognizable contemporary style capturing the human conditions and experiences.


Peter came to Canada in the 1982 and paints out of his studio in Toronto. He studied art in Poland, Norway and England. He has gained an international reputation as collections of his work hang across Europe, the United States of America, Asia and Canada.


Peter is fascinated about human conditions. Through his work, the artist explores the human experience of loneliness and isolation – creating a paradox between joyful colours and darker subject matter – creating ideas as a form of subtle escapism. His figures in his paintings are depicted in a one dimensional, cartoonish style – with almost grotesque undertones – creating the feel of another world.


His work is often described the rationalism of historical perspective confronting the absurdity of political powers that repeatedly throws humanity into the haunting dance macabre of war and annihilation.


Gordon and I are pleased to have Peter part of our gallery.


Phil Emond


paintings available