pauline paquin

artist of l'univers des enfants

A mother of three sons, family was always a priority for the artist and along with the Laurentian landscape, Pauline Paquin continues to capture both through her art.


She is a figurative artist with an acute sense for observation. Her paintings most often feature the movements and activities of children; the backdrops act as accessories and create context.


Her work has gained international recognition and is described as a whimsical translation of the imaginary, spontaneity, and simplicity of childhood. Every piece of work is an expression of liberty and joy for life. There is always evidence of the effortless enthusiasm of children. The omission of facial features allows her audience to easily be drawn into the paintings – into magical moments of the children’s universe. Either actual or fictitious, the scenes invite viewers back to their own childhood.



“Children live, think, and play in a world that is theirs only. The things that surprise us as part of their daily ritual, reminds us that we need to adapt ourselves and understand them and most importantly, love our children for who they are. “




Gordon and I absolutely adore Pauline and she presents relationships in small communities through her work.   When you engage in a discussion with Pauline, you will feel her passion – and when I first met Pauline, I knew I had found the female version of me – someone passionate, driven and even more energetic than me which I did not think was possible…but it is!


phil émond – gallerist