patrick Imai

canadian inuit inspired sculptor

Patrick Imai is a member of the National Capital Network of Sculptors, Arteast and Arts Ottawa East. His sculptures have been part of many exhibits including the Museum of Nature – Nature into Sculpture, Shenkman Centre – Mosaic and St Brigid’s Centre for the Arts – Dimensions and are in private collections in Canada, the United States, Belgium, Bulgaria, Luxemburg, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and Great Britain.


Born in Toronto, Patrick by the age of 10 was already an avid carver searching for the right subject and medium. Hiking through our Canadian forests, canoeing and camping along lakes and rivers, Patrick developed a strong connection to nature and wildlife. Patrick is passionate about bears and has travelled western Canada – the Rockies – and northern Canada – Yukon and North West Territories and Alaska – seeking opportunities to see bears in the wild.


Reflecting on his travels and life experiences, the artist chose to explore the relationship between humans, families and nature. Personifying the bear and giving each bear their own unique voice became a fascination for Patrick. Through his work, he wants people to see themselves strongly connected with life, family and nature.


Gordon and I discovered Patrick at the National Capital Network of Sculptors exhibit and it only took seconds before his work spoke strongly to us.


Phil Emond Gallerist

inuit inspired sculptures available