patricia gray

Patricia Gray grew up in the James Bay region of Northern Ontario where as a child, she developed a strong love for the wilderness – a love that today continues to capture her heart in her studio on the Bruce Peninsula.

The artist works with an array of acrylic mediums (paints, gels, grounds, and pastes) on birch boards to depict the Canadian wilderness.


Painting is a tapestry of relationships.


Patricia has come to recognize that the whole process of creating a painting is ultimately about relationships. Initially, a relationship develops between the artist and the source of their inspiration. For her, it might be the wind and waves along rocky shoreline during a thunderstorm or calm lake while out for an evening paddle. And this whole process really turns her inward. She sometimes paddles for days in remote regions of Northern Canada setting up camp along the way.  Spending time in the wilderness allows her to feel the rhythm of nature and to become incredibly in tune with her surroundings – the subtlest of changes in light throughout the day and into the evening as well as changes in the strength and direction of the wind. And you begin to recognize and understand how the cycles we observe in the natural world are very much a part of who we are, not separate from us. This kind of recognition leads to a deep sense of connection and a feeling of elation — even a sense of awe. Once back in her studio, she remains very present with the memories and intimate feelings of connection that she had while ‘out there.’

Her training as a licensed psychotherapist enables her to understand and focus on the importance of the spiritual and creative aspects of each of us, and how they relate to the whole. Growing up within an Indigenous community in northern Canada, had a tremendous impact on her worldview. She recognized at a very young age that there was no distinction between the seen and the unseen worlds. And, that everything in the universe was not only interconnected, but also alive. Patricia paints from the very heart of this awareness.


Gordon and I are delighted to introduce Patricia’s tapestry of paintings to you.


Phil Emond – Gallerist


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