OMS Montessori Student-Apprentices

In 2009, The Gordon Harrison Art Inspiration Project was created by award-winning Canadian Landscape artist Gordon Harrison and his partner, Gallerist Phil Émond.

Inspiring young people to pursue their artistic talent and to discover the beauty of our Canadian landscapes is part of the artist’s legacy and reaching out to our community.

Through this inspirational journey, students from visual art programs experience “life as an artist” working with Gordon Harrison and create an exhibition of Canadian landscapes.

In 2017, Gordon Harrison coached and inspired 32 students from OMS Montessori and created an exhibit From sea to sea showcasing the colours of Canada.

The paintings are part of an auction to raise money for the school.  Please contact us to bid on the students paintings and encourage them.  Minimum bid of $50 – maximum bid $100 with first right of refusal to the family.  Your bid will mean the word to them and inspire them for a lifetime.

oms montessori students pain tings - place your bid now - auction ends April 23