alexi hunter

canadian contemporary glass artist

As a young boy, Alexi discovered the joy of working with his hands. His work is inspired by memories from his childhood on his family farm in Newburgh, Ontario.



“I thoroughly enjoy the glass blowing process because it combines mental creativity with the physical nature of working hot glass into simple forms, and then altering them with a variety of detail.” —Mischka Jay “Alexi” Hunter




The artist works with glass and natural decay from metal artefacts such as rusting old machinery and tools — melting them into liquid form at high temperature and shattering and cracking them at low temperature — giving a unique contrast of textures and colour and a smooth transparency to his work — symbolic of new and used, past and future.

His artistic gene and love for colour and shape was also inherited from his grandfather who survived the Second World War in a Russian camp by painting watercolours.

Today, Alexi is a well known artist in the Kingston community where he works and shares a glass studio with his wife. His work has won him many awards and is sold across Canada and is part of international art fairs.

Gordon and I share a love for glass.  We are extremely proud to have Alexi’s work in our gallery.


Phil Émond Gallerist


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