mike smith

contemporary landscape artist

mike smith is an award-winning artist. Inspired by the skies of Africa, the trees of Provence, and the farms of Ontario, Mike Smith produces contemporary abstract and stylized landscapes in charcoal and oil out of his studio in Cobourg, Ontario.


“Colors are saturated, shapes flattened, contrast is exaggerated – my goal is to capture the sense of time and space that exists outside of a city environment.” says Mike Smith.

Involved with art for most of my life, the artist was born in South Africa, and raised in Zimbabwe, until he moved to Canada in 1989. Mike first studied architecture and subsequently followed his passion for the art travelling across Canada as an art creative director working with large corporations and winning many national awards for design, illustration and television, until he moved to the country to paint and pursue his Canadian dream.

His paintings often dramatize the skies he admires, reflecting the experiences of someone who has appreciated them from so many perspectives. People think he must from the prairies because he paints such large skies when in fact they often reflect the skies he discovered as a young man living in Africa.

His work is shown in galleries and fine art symposiums across in Canada and the United States of America and part of many private collections.


Gordon and I discovered mike smith at toronto artist project. The vivid colours and sense of imagination in his work caught our eye. we are very proud to have mike with us.


phil émond – gallerist