Michel Leroux

contemporary landscape artist

Born in a family where creativity was a preferred means of expression and a way of life, Michel Leroux first chose this path by teaching graphic art.   A life changing event made him realize that he wanted more from his artistic life – the landscape and outdoor became his passion.


Today Michel is known as a man from the forest, from the river and from the sea.  He himself will tell you that he is convinced that sap and salt water circulate in his veins.


Michel’s day starts in the outdoor – a walk through the nature that surrounds his studios in Québec – Boucherville and Kamouraska – brings him the inspiration to put on canvas his next creation.


When you look at his work – the landscape starts to move and in no time dances through your imagination.


Since 1982, Michel’s landscape paintings have been part of more than 26 solo exhibitions in Canada and the United States.  His work is sold out of galleries across Québec and Ontario including Baie-Saint-Paul, Montréal, Saint-Sauveur, Kamouraska, Toronto and our gallery in Ottawa.


Gordon and I are pleased to present this accomplished artist in our gallery.


Phil Emond


landscape paintings available