Charlotte williams

contemporary landscape artist

Charlotte Williams landscapes are inspired by her life in Nigeria, Brazil, the UK, Wales and Canada.  It is also inspired by poetry.  Often capturing the latest views from her studio in Simcoe county where she lives and paints.


Her work brings forth images on side roads, along forgotten country paths and comforting scenic views to give us a sense of reassurance, and a fond remembrance of similar views hidden away but longing to be drawn from our own cherished past.


“I use poetry for my titles to create a certain resonance and bring a sense of nostalgia.”


Working with watercolours and acrylics, each one of her painting is given its own voice through her brushstrokes and a nod to past and present travels, Charlotte evokes a sense of nostalgia which resonates beyond her vibrant landscape imagery.


For years now, her work has been part of the Toronto Artist Contemporary Art Fair and the One of a Kind shows as well as other galleries and art events.


Gordon and I met Charlotte at the One of a Kind show and just as she wants you to, her work takes you away instantly and makes you travel in time to a beautiful memory inside you that only you knows where…


Phil Emond