cathy Lefvert

contemporary artist

“Speak, touch, fascinate or disturb.”


Cathy Lefvert was born in Montréal.  Her artistic journey goes back to her Scandinavian roots – powerfully influenced by her life in Sweden. Today, she paints out of her studio in Laval, Québec – her work continues to have a Scandinavian influence while capturing the Canadian landscape.


The never-ending summer light of Scandinavia and its darker winter contrast provide the artist with the intuition to create her work.  From this intuition the artist takes a complex subject and simplifies it as she travels through the light and reflects on her emotions – giving each painting its own voice.


Stained glass painting becomes the recognized medium deployed by this artist, who appropriates the secrets of the material, the peculiarities of its manipulation and especially, the creative freedom of its applications.


Cathy also has a strong community focus.  For years, the artist has been teaching art and creativity to children in her community and organizes exhibits of their work and community fundraisers.


Gordon and I met this extraordinary woman in the Laurentians.  She sparks energy and this you can see so well in her work.  So happy to present Cathy Lefvert to our clients.


Phil Emond



paintings available