Gordon Harrison wins prestigious national award  – First Prize at the 24th edition of Rêves d’Automne 2014

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National Painting contest – Baie Saint-Paul, Charlevoix region, Quebec

Congratulations Gordon Harrison!

Gordon Harrison wins first prize at the prestigious National painting competition Rêves d’Automne in Baie-Saint-Paul. His collection “Charlebois en blanc” received first prize. The competition was part of the 24th edition of the symposium and  included 140 artists and 251 paintings from across Canada and Europe and attracted 20,000 visitors.

In the picture, Umberto Bruni, RCA, presents Gordon Harrison with his award surrounded by Executive members of the Rêves d’Automne committee, Mayor of Charlevoix, Member of Parliament and guests of honour.

Baie-Saint-Paul is the “art” capital of Canada. The landscapes of Baie-Saint Paul have inspired The Group of Seven, Jean-Paul Lemieux, René Richard, Marc-Aurel Fortin, Bruno Coté and more, it continues to attract artists and art collectors from around the world. It is where nature and culture exist in perfect harmony. It is also where “Le Cirque du Soleil” originated.

Two paintings in the award winning Charlebois en blanc collection :

Charlebois en Blanc Collection 21
by Gordon Harrison
48h 24w   oil on canvas

Charlebois en Blanc Collection 22
by Gordon Harrison
36h 24w   oil on canvas