burgh’s great art fair – 16 talented artists – new edinburgh news – 1998

New Edinburgh News | By Carol Reesor, Art Liasion | June 1998

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On May 8th we celebrated the opening of our new Field House with the Great New edinburgh Art Exhibition and Sale to which the whole community was invited and to which a very large part of the community came. Sixteen local artists filled the freshly painted and capacious space with art in a myriad of forms.

We sold close to $3000 worth of fine art, and visitors counted were over 400, including the opening crowd. My expectations were more than met by the diversity and excellence. Artists whose work I had not seen, first-time presenters, had good sales, encouraging responses, and overwhelming enthusiams for the idea of local art site. I was invited to visit studios, any my visits will form the base for comprehensive columns on these artists in the coming fall and winter.

A testimony tot he excellence of Gordon Harrison’s art is that Robert Hyndman, Canadian artist National Capital Commission, singled him out as an artist who might well hang someday in the National Gallery of Canada. His bright fall landscapes certainly evoke the Group of Seven.