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gordon harrison’s paintings are available at his own galleries in ottawa and in saint-sauveur in the laurentians, his studios in ottawa and in sainte-marguerite-du-lac-masson in the laurentians as well as fine art galleries across canada.




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gordon harrison, the colors of canada book


Discover canada through gordon harrison’s eyes and inspiration. From the snow-capped peaks of british columbia’s mountains to the craggy shores of newfoundland, canada’s foremost landscape artist gordon harrison has painted his way across the land. This hardcover book features more than 300 paintings from private collectors of work by the artist from around the world.


gordon harrison canadian landscape calendar for 2016 and 2017

gordon harrison offers a two-year calendar for 2016 and 2017 of his landscape paintings over the last few years. $25

available at the gordon harrison canadian landscape gallery in ottawa and saint-sauveur as well as petroff gallery in toronto. you can also purchase by phone and we will ship to you.

view calendar 2016 and 2017


bed and breakfast in the laurentians

enjoy a stay at the artist’s residence and studio in the laurentians. the laurentian are where gordon harrison found his passion for our canadian landscape.



coaching and art retreat in the laurentians and ottawa

the artist offers one day master sessions, 10 week group classes and art retreats.



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gordon harrison canadian landscape galleries

The Gordon Harrison Canadian Landscape Galleries are boutique galleries owned by award winning Canadian landscape artist Gordon Harrison and his partner Gallerist, Phil Emond.

The galleries feature exclusive collections of original Canadian landscape oil paintings by le grand peintre-paysagiste Gordon Harrison. The gallery, known as “The Gallery of Canadian Landscapes”, showcases the colours of Canada through the eyes and inspiration of the artist’s travels across Canada. The galleries are also proud to showcase original works from other established landscape artists and sculptors from across Canada.

Gordon Harrison is a juried member of the Society of Canadian Artists and l’Académie Internationale des Beaux-Arts du Québec and recipient of the national painting contest in Baie-Saint-Paul, Charlevoix, Québec. The artist paints in his studios in New Edinburgh (Ottawa) and the Laurentians. Pine Point Lake House – the artist’s bed and breakfast in the Laurentians, offers art collectors and admirers a unique experience in the Laurentians forests where Gordon Harrison as a young boy found his inspiration for our Canadian landscape.

“Canadian landscapes inspire Gordon Harrison’s work and his life. Gordon Harrison is in a happy place following his heart, awakening his senses in a landscape playground. He has developed into one of Canada’s foremost landscape painters. That ease of expression has been a long-time gift. Lost in a world of colour and possibility where paint swirls in celebration of Canadian landscape, that little boy who once was lost for words has much to express about the beautiful planet. Painting has given him a voice and art lovers everywhere are listening.” —Joel Haslam, CTV